Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Monday, February 14, 2011


February in the Bella Coola Valley is often when you hear people commenting about seeing wolves in closer to settlements and it's not uncommon to go outside at night and hear that long mournful howl of a pack.  I think as winter drags on and mountain snowpacks deepen and stay soft, their 'trading' range has to shrink to the lower valley where there are a number of potential food opportunities such as some of the local deer, beavers and the odd dog you hear about that a wolf managed to get.

I know our dog seems very interested in the goings on at the edge of the field near the woods at night this time of year and usually starts her outside forays at night with a mandatory few barks to establish her presence...also her night vision is not that great anymore due to age and slowly progressing cataracts, so I think she thinks being assertive is good in this situation while she stays just at the edge of the light being cast from the house.

On the weather front...grim.  More low cloud, rain, wet snow, no wind and temperatures hovering at 0 C and just above.  Time for something different for weather.  Grizzly

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