Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Creek Work

After the Great Flood of 2010, a number of the side tributary streams coming into the Bella Coola River had extremely high gravel bedload deposits.  These streams were diked on one or both sides many years ago and so become a management issue to keep them contained and the channel free enough of gravel to handle floods.

aka "Klonnik Creek"
Periodically, every 5-10 years they need to have gravel removed and after a flood like 2010 they need a lot removed.  The work is being done to protect any new fish coming into spawn by diverting water and moving fish.  Any of the salmon spawn deposited before September 25 was likely either dislodged or under 2 metres or more of gravel.  The cold weather helps in one way because the water is so low, but makes it hard as well because of the frozen ground.

Today the weather and temperature in the Bella Coola Valley didn't contribute to any ground thaw, with the morning temperature -6 C in the lower valley and -10 C in the upper valley.  Grizzly

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