Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Coho - Evidence

With a full blown Arctic outflow now back in the Bella Coola Valley the temperature was a bit cool this morning (-6 C) with breezy outflow winds steady at 20 km/h and lots of bigger gusts.  Burke Channel at Cathedral Point is blowing the usual 90 km/h.

We took a stroll along one of the valley creeks today, in a less windy location to see what was going on.  Apart from old frozen bear tracks, there were numerous eagles perched in low and tight on the small creek.  It didn't take long to find evidence of what they had been up to with the fresh blood and fins of a coho on the bank.  It's a good thing the coho came in late, at least some fish will survive the Great Flood of 2010 and provide a bit of food for the eagles in otherwise bleak fall for them.  Grizzly

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