Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Monday, November 1, 2010

November - The Worst Month!

If I had to skip a month in the life of Bella Coola every year it would definitely be November.  We've passed through the best month of September (okay so September had a couple dark moments this year) and the 'tween' month of October where any good day is a bonus, rainy days are normal and rain storms are average.  Now we're in November, the days are getting short and when it rains like it did last night and on and off today, the rain is cold and often near snow.   Floods are bigger threat because now we have significant fresh snowpack accumulating on the mountains.   As we go we'll get into more sleet, some snow that comes and goes, and the possibility of a big snowfall later in the month.  About all there is to look forward to is colder weather with good snow falling at East Branch in Tweedsmuir Park (top of the hill on Highway 20) so we can start winter skiing and snowmobiling.  Heard there was 30 cm of new snow at the top of The Hill today.   Grizzly

Bella Coola River today - Typical November

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