Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Coast Mountain News

Thank you to the people who have posted comments on my Oct 28/10 post and have given me some new ideas.  One quick easy question to answer is about whether Bella Coola has a newspaper.  Yes it does and while I've read the history of newspapers in Bella Coola, I can't recall the total picture right now, other than to say except for a few periods in the last 100 years, there has been a local newspaper under various names.  If I run into the article again on the history I will post a reference to it.

Currently and for the last 20 years or so it has gone under the name Coast Mountain News, here is the publishers information straight from page 4 this week if you are interested in subscribing:

I have no connection to the newspaper, but we are regular readers because as in any small town, the newspaper still serves a vital role in providing public notice of events, legal things, a few goodies for sale, and what's going on in the valley. It's published on every second Thursday. Grizzly


  1. Hello. I am interested in farming in the bella coola area and would really appreciate any information regarding this topic. I would also be interested in forming a partnership for this purpose as well. You can communicate with me at the following email: Thanks

  2. Hello : the band I played in played the bay motor inn around the early 90s,Gil and the Texas hombres. I would like to correspond with people in the bella coola area that I might know.

    1. Hey Steve, I'm Dario Raymond who was born and raised in Bella Coola, went to Nusatsum Elementary, then to Sir Alexander and did a gig with my brother (lLangston) and Karl Frostrup at the Bay (featuring Brian Roe) in the early 90s. We were called The Peace Dogs and did lots of Cult covers.......i.e Love Removal Machine!! All the best

  3. Hello dario, thank you for your response. The entire band always looked forward to returning to the valley, we would play the MacDonald hotel in prince George immediately before driving the chilcotin on hwy 20, and make the long descent into the Valley. I feel you were fortunate indeed to have grown up in such a place. I have traveled 40 countries, and by far have the fondest memories of the bay motor inn in the early 90's.It is a place I aspire to return to. I keep in touch with brians mom, who resides on the island presently.
    Do you still live in the valley? Please visit my website, and send a letter if you wish, I have many photographs I took when we stayed at the bay. The. Best of luck to you.

  4. Hi there,, lived in the valley with my husband Robert Fryer who was born and died there,, I sooo miss the valley and the life and the people and the postoffice which was a lifeline in those days, no internet,,, I have travelled the world and Bella Coola is the one place I long to return to..I will never forget the generosity of spirit I experienced in the valley from the Nuxhalk nation and Bella Coola folk in general.. Always missed and always loved.. Cheers Anna Fryer