Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Monday, November 22, 2010

Freeze Dried Plants

Environment Canada is suggesting tonight will be the coldest for the current Arctic Outflow in Bella Coola - forecasting - 17C (it's around -12 or 13 C this evening).  The ground is getting pretty frozen, but in spite of it the highways ditch cleaning guys are still chipping away to get all the highways ditches in shape.

One of the challenges of gardening in Bella Coola is the exact weather we are having right now.  If we get early snow then the amount of cold doesn't matter too much for most of the plants that should do well in this zone are protected by snow.  It's when we get weather like we have now that damage gets done.  I can practically see my poor strawberry plants perishing right now.  They had active growth right into November because of some of the mild weather and then now a week of cold, drying winds is really going to damage some of the plants like these.  Normally we can get Rosemary to survive if it has a snow covering, but is mostly getting freeze dried now and likely not to make it.

Hopefully we get a nice insulating blanket of snow before the next outflow.  Grizzly

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