Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Odegaard Falls

On the Nusatsum Forest Service about 25 or 26 km up the road is a view point of a falls called Odegaard Falls.  A little ways further on the road is a parking area and the start of a trail which winds through the forest for a couple kms that takes you to a view point very close to the falls.  It's a nice view and worth the hike.  The logging road is good for the first 15 km, but has active logging truck traffic, so you have to be careful and best go on a weekend.  The next 10+ kms is a good SUV or truck road to the parking spot where you begin to hike.  A nice foot bridge crosses the river so you can look up and get a good view of the falls and then continue another 500 metres to a point next to the falls near the lower section.
On the weather front - finally something different today.  After a nice morning and afternoon around 4 PM it got grey quite quickly and then by 5 PM it was lightly raining.  We got enough to wet the top 5 mm of soil in my dry dusty 'fallow' section of my garden, but unless we get more rain it will be back to dust tomorrow.  Grizzly

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