Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Sluebeck posted a comment to my post yesterday about how Ketchikan received 140 mm of rain during the rainstorm we had on the weekend and said we should consider ourselves "lucky" - he's absolutely correct.  Our 50 mm caused a pretty significant rise to the Bella Coola River because although it wasn't the biggest amount of rain, the period over which it all fell was well short of 24 hr and when you are dealing with rainstorms it's all about time and volume.  If it had of been any more intense rain, occurred in the headwaters of the Atnarko (it didn't rain hard in the Chilcotin) and lasted a little longer it would have been significant.  As it was it actually probably helps to continue the evolution of the various new channels, move a lot of leaning and about to fall trees and stabilize and redistribute the new bed load from last fall.  A series of moderate rainstorms like this one would be a lot better than another big one right now.  Grizzly

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