Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Thursday, October 7, 2010

WD 40 To the Rescue!

I'm  building a mental list of essential 'flood kit items', something to work on for next time.  So far it includes a pressure washer, lots of helicopters, plywood and saw horses to make tables and a tractor or excavator would be handy as well.  Now I have to recommend about a gallon of WD 40.  We all have some around and we've all heard the various claims about what it can do, but the Great Flood of 2010  convinced me of one thing.  It can't be beaten for displacing water.  I did some research and checked out their website.  As it's been rumored to me before,  the name stands for "Water Displacement - perfected on the 40th try".  A friend and I while cleaning up another fellows shop, used it a lot.  Nothing else seems to get in and replace the water that is in every tiny little nook and cranny in a tool, but spraying it with WD 40 eventually seemed to just leave an oil residue and stopped the rusting that was already progressing.  Blowing things off with an air compressor seemed to clean stuff up pretty well.  Their website has a 2000+ uses feature, you might check it out and see a lot of interesting things people have used it for.

Some of the valley tributary streams are back to low and clear condition - although a few of them look a little bit different after the flood.  The Bella Coola River is still coming down a bit each day, but is still pretty dirty.  Grizzly
Sunrise on Mount Nusatsum today

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