Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Things in the Bella Coola Valley are still progressing to something getting closer to normal after the Great Flood of 2010.  As my brother noted who went through the Great Ice Storm of 1998 in Montreal when 3"-4 1/2" of ice were deposited on everything and brought the city and the province to a standstill, "It was just so important to see signs that life was going to get there again someday and to know that the rest of the world is still doing (and sending) the normal stuff".  That's the period we are moving into, more people trying to do normal stuff, more goods flowing into Bella Coola that we need with the limited road openings and more people having freedom to move.

The only public side road that is not fully accessible is the upper Hammer Road area.  It had several hundred metres of the road completely washed away by the Bella Coola River. That was a road that had been there for many years as it was the route of the original road up the Bella Coola Valley before the present day Highway 20 was constructed.

Salloomt Road has been all repaired including the bridge abutment on the south side of the Bailey Bridge.  There were numerous sections washed out along that road as well between the crossing of the Bella Coola River and the crossing of Salloomt River.  The photo below gives you some idea of the changes looking downstream from the bridge.

Bella Coola River looking downstream of Bailey Bridge

It started out as a pretty decent morning in the valley, we even had some sunny spots but by the end of the day it was full on rain for periods throughout the evening.  Grizzly

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