Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Monday, September 27, 2010

Road Closed When Lights Flashing

When they say "Road Closed" around these parts they really mean it!  Highway 20 sounds like it will be out of commission for more than a little while.  The problem is 5 or 6 bridges between Anahim Lake and Bella Coola with compromised issues such as footings and abutments undermined or approaches washed out.  All fixable, but is going to take some time.  There are also two pieces of Highway 20 with significant portions of road gone, one west of Tatla Lake along the low area where the normally scenic winding McClinchy River runs (photos on Facebook) and then a much more significant section down in the valley in the Tweedsmuir Park area near what we call the "Sand Hill".  It's going to take a lot of equipment and time to fix.

But more importantly tonight we are seeing the river rising again.  We had light to moderate rain through the night then it started raining a little heavier at daylight and continued that way till after lunch.  This has resulted in another push of water moving through the river system.  At 9 PM in my area the water is still rising (it's out of it's normal banks, because it barely got back into them this morning) and creeping up.  Our neighborhood has been checking with the folks up the stream and it may have already crested up river, so we can expect it to come up, but with luck not as high as Saturday night.
Driveway needs work

Was helping some friends today that have had their home devastated -- New Orleans style - water 4 feet deep in the house and 8 feet deep in a shop.  The destruction was total.  It was very depressing. I helped by photographing the mess so they can hopefully get assistance.  This house was built in a location that most of us would have agreed was well situated but there was likely 8 feet of water over Highway 20 that devastated it.
Will keep you posted.  Grizzly


  1. Thanks for all this information! I used some of it in a blog post, here.

    I hope this last bit of a rise is the last. What a mess it's going to be when the water's gone!

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