Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Gardening Thoughts

Last fall while away from Bella Coola I had the chance to browse through a market where every manner of fresh fruit and vegetable was on display and for sale.  While it was eye catching then, it caught my eye even more recently when I was looking through the photos from that trip.  With March comes the odd teaser day where you think you could start some garden activity and my annual enthusiasm for gardening starts to pick up.  Of course the annual mail out of seed catalogues are one of the worst vices, with all the new and interesting plant varieties that all seem so possible to grow when you look at them in the catalogues, but sometimes they often do not turn out like the pictures.  It's still a good time of year to start the mental planning though.  Although this year I am determined to fight back against the weeds, by fallowing one half of my garden, which will give me time to work on a major building project I plan to take on as well.  We'll see if I can leave the soil bare, that trait doesn't run in the family.  

Today was another 'typical' March day, cold, wet, snow showers and generally blustery. The high temperature at the Bella Coola Airport was 4 C. Grizzly

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