Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Friday, March 12, 2010

East & West

The first photo tonight is the view towards the east in Bella Coola today.  For the most part kind of grey and wintry. There was a tiny bit of snow in some areas last night, but more on the mountains.  For most of the day we had east (outflow) wind, not very strong but by the look of this photo, it was enough to blow away the snow on the mountains everywhere there are east facing slopes.  I always enjoy the view when this condition is created, because it tends to highlight the contours of all the ridges and gulleys on the mountains between the areas with trees bared of snow by the wind and the lee side of the ridges which hold the snow.

Looking west this evening is is how the day ended.  About as good as it gets for a Bella Coola Valley sunset - I've mentioned it before this is not a place known for it's sunsets, when you live down in a valley with 5-8000 foot mountains in all directions you take what you can get.  Otherwise today was a good day, nothing extreme. Grizzly

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