Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Smoke on the Water

I'm pretty sure way back in the early 70's when Deep Purple put out their song "Smoke on the Water", they did not have a picture of North Bentinck Arm during a severe Arctic Outflow in mind, but they could have!

Around Bella Coola when you hear the fishermen talking about 'smoke on the water', you know you should be checking the tie up lines on your boat down at the wharf. The Arctic Outflow hitting the near freezing seawater creates water 'smoke' all along the inlet, giving it the appearance along with the wind blowing and the waves, of some sort of boiling cauldron. 

We are going into our third day of outflow tomorrow in the Bella Coola Valley, with the temperatures holding down in the -18 to -20 C range and will be happy to see it warm in the next few days.  Grizzly


  1. We got down to -7 at night this week. That's pretty cold for Powell River. Actually, we were a little warmer up the lake than they were down in town. Must be all that water around us moderates the temp. - Margy