Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Friday, November 18, 2011

Outflow #1

I'm going to count the outflow events that happen this winter in Bella Coola.  I think most winters we average about 3-5 significant east winds.  I will only count the ones where the winds are really blowing and it really isn't a comfortable warm feeling.  This one arrived last evening and while not real intense (Cathedral Point - Burke Channel winds are only gusting to 80 km/h), the temperature at - 6 or -8 C and good strong steady winds at the Bella Coola Airport make it feel pretty uncomfortable.  There are three possible endings to outflows in my experience: 1.  It just warms up and the wind stops and you suddenly feel really comfortable outside again, 2. It turns to freezing rain and there is a miserable coating of ice or 3. We get a huge dump of snow usually measured in feet.  Sunday and Monday will be the end of this outflow, stay tuned.  For  a good description of outflow events see Dr Hadorn's websiteGrizzly


  1. Hopefully it isn't a big dump of snow yet. Powell Lake generates its own winds in all seasons. Even is summer you can count on daily winds to chop up the lake surface. What I really hate are the SE storm winds that batter our cabin on its cables. Rock and roll in the dark can be a bit scary. I remember being awake and listening to CBC the night the Queen of the North went down. We were so scared for those people know how bad the winds were. - Margy