Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rock Trucks

Since the Great Flood of 2010 the Bella Coola Valley has hosted a sizable fleet of the brutes in today's photo.  They were moved in as soon as equipment could be barged in before Highway 20 was reopened and have worked 7 days a week except for two weeks at Christmas.

It's been a long run as they have hauled gravel from accumulated bed load in the tributary creeks (Klonnik, Snootli and Thorsen) to various spoil sites.  When they are not hauling gravel they are hauling blasted large rip rap rock from the rock pit at Klonnik Creek to re-enforce dikes on tributaries and a few places on the  Bella Coola River.  They are efficient machines and a big job could not have been done without all the hours they have put in.  It's coming to an end soon though as the work winds down and the annual weight restrictions come on Highway 20 soon as we (hopefully) get into some spring time weather.  It will be nice to see the ground start to thaw and some of the wet muddy areas and snow melt away and dry up.  Grizzly

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