Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tatlayoko Lake

On the long weekend we went camping to Tatlayoko Lake.  It's about a 3 hour drive east of Bella Coola into the Chilcotin, turn at Tatla Lake another half hour on a good gravel road takes you to the north end of the Lake.  Our adult son met us there and we also had our adult daughter who is home from University for the summer.  It was just like old times camping.  We camped at the north east end at the Forest Service rec site.  It's just off the gravel road in amongst the big old Douglas Fir trees.  There are only 5 sites with picnic tables, but lots of room for others.  It's an incredible setting.  The very north end of the lake is at the eastern side of the Coast Mountains, while 22 km later the southern end is well into the coast mountains.  A number of years ago the Nature Conservancy of Canada purchased the ranch at the north end of the Lake and is now set aside for natural processes.

We spent a couple nights enjoying the setting (minus the smoke from forest fires which was quite thick on Saturday), fishing and hiking in the Potato Mountain Range - more on both of those in a later post.  Tatlayoko Lake is a lot like North Bentinck Arm and Burke Channel, on a summer day soon after the sun starts heating the air, the interior draws air in from the coast and in this case through the Homathko River valley (Bute Inlet) and the lake can become windy and dangerous for fishing quickly if you are not paying attention.  We were lucky this last weekend, the winds were moderate.

To the east of Bella Coola last night we had a lightning storm and finally got some rain for a short intense period.  I got about 10 mm of rain at my place in a short period and we watched lightning east of us for about an hour.  Don't know if more fires started.  At 33 c at 5 PM at the Bella Coola Airport with pretty high humidity, it was a summer day for sure. Grizzly

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