Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fire Fighters

Many people are aware of the serious drought conditions that exist in the Bella Coola Valley and east into the Chilcotin and Cariboo.  As of today there are no fires in the Bella Coola Valley proper.  The closest fires are to the north in the Dean River which is only accessible by ocean or air and then east of Bella Coola just past the top of the hill  past Heckman Pass which is in the West Chilcotin.  The Hwy 20/Tweedsmuir fire must be serious tonight (about 90 km east of the Bella Coola townsite, because the Drive BC website has canceled proposed Hwy 20 openings tomorrow and the Cariboo Regional District has an evacuation order in place for the village of Anahim Lake which is east and slightly south of the fire in Heckman Pass.  Over 300 residents are potentially affected by this order as well as many more residents to the east closer to Alexis Creek being affected by another order.  It's a challenging situation with the weather forecast for windy conditions tomorrow.

Watched some fire fighters departing from Bella Coola today and I had to admire their determination to try and go do something in spite of the dirty, hot, dangerous work it is.  Grizzly

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  1. G. Thank you for the comments about my blog, I am glad you enjoy it and hopefully when you visit Bella Coola again you will get some good weather. Grizzly