Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Coho

We took a little stroll today along the Bella Coola River and found a small stream with less than 100 metres of stream accessible to salmon.  It looked like it had a pretty good spawning population of coho recently.  The grizzly bear that was around before Christmas found them as well, as he had 'camped' out on this creek and we found the remains of a half dozen frozen mostly eaten coho.   A few must have spawned before he took them though as there was evidence of both live and dead eggs in some of the swirls of back eddies in the creek.  I think the bear is gone now for the big sleep because all the tracks are 3-4 weeks old in frozen snow.   We were lucky though - as we gazed out on this view of the Bella Coola River we observed a small school of live coho milling around off the mouth of the creek.  These fish should do really well when they spawn with the bears fat and happy somewhere beneath the deep snow in a den and the floods over.

Otherwise the picture says it all, pretty gray, calm and warmer (2 C) today in the Bella Coola Valley - a nice early winter break.  Grizzly

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