Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Merry Christmas to all who drop around the Bella Coola Blog.  I hope you are able to enjoy a peaceful few days with your friends and families.

1000 is a significant number.  This post represents the 1000th post of since it's inception four years ago on October 30, 2009 which was right in the middle of what at the time seemed like a pretty good flood (boy were we proven wrong in September 2010 during the Great Flood of 2010!).

I started the blog because I had been thinking for awhile about trying some writing and didn't know where to channel that, but I wanted something that was mine, not edited by anyone (thankfully Mrs. Grizzly my greatest fan, corrects my spelling and grammar when she can) , good or bad, live or die by it.  Blogging was reaching it's peak and it seemed like a good platform.  It just so happened that about the time I registered and purchased the domain the 2009 flood happened so I didn't really get to introduce the idea. I just started with the 2009 flood.    I was determined to see what it was like to write one post a day for a year--I did that but it was a challenge to try to find something relevant to say and find time to do it -- but I did in 2010.  I haven't been able to maintain it since. I also had a goal to try and get on the front of page of Google when searching "Bella Coola" without the help of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) business which is a big business to try and get your attention and direct traffic to your site. I learned the only way you get there without a lot of help, money and advertising is just lots of people clicking on your site, links from other places to your site and longevity on the web (paying for a site for more than a year). I am happy because I made that goal because I am regularly and consistently on the first page of search results on and and occasionally especially around an event (floods helped) the top hit in a google search for "Bella Coola".

I've struggled with what to write about because early on I decided to stay away from gossip and lot of heavy opinion - I gravitated to natural history, the weather, the climate and a bit about the beauty and uniqueness of the Bella Coola.  I firmly decided to stay away from bears, politics and religion -- all three can lose you friends fast in Bella Coola - especially the first one!  After almost 30 years in the Bella Coola Valley I've come to accept that bears here as in many places are an emotional topic and whether you are a biologist, landowner or tourist, there is not a lot to be gained in trying to convince you of my views.  I'm a believer in a balance. If you haven't already you should come to Bella Coola in late August and early September and hire someone to help you see a grizzly bear - it's worth it.

My website traffic is not huge - it ranges between 50-150 hits per day, sometimes spiking if there is a newsy event that Bella Coola is in the the news for.  I like to think I have regular readers that drop by like I do at my regular blogs for a little piece of news about a place or topic--I'm good with that.

What is the future of the Bella Coola Blog?  I will continue.  I will try and post reasonably often, but only if I can offer something useful.  I know folks would like more water level reports, fish updates and other current information, but unless I can collect it or be sure of it I won't write about it. The local newspaper is online and has lots of the news and stories on social issues affecting Bella Coola Valley residents.  There is a local Facebook page which is good for local information as well.

Thank you to everyone who drops by and the occasional person who kicks me in the butt in the Hagensborg Store and asks where their morning or evening read is at -- that's the best motivator knowing someone actually reads your work - it's all most authors want.

Stay tuned and come back for 1001!!  Grizzly


  1. One Thousand is a big number. Looking forward to bigger numbers.

  2. Thanks for your efforts with the blog. It provides a link back tour three trips to the Valley. We have enjoyed our time there taking in the environment and the great people. WE visit the blog a couple of times a week and like the updates on what is happening,

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Holidays and a great New Year

    Ray and Kathy

  3. Congratulations on reaching the 1000th post, and I'm glad you're planning to continue posting. I never miss one of your posts.

    Hope you're having a peaceful, happy Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas and congratulations on your 1000th post. I enjoy reading about what is happening up north. - Margy

  5. I love your natural history stuff -- very informative and great pictures. Would love to see more. I grew up in Bella Coola and spent lots of time in the bush, but you have shown me things I've never seen before. It's a great blog.

  6. I visited bella coola this summer as part of a 3 month trip exploring northern b.c., yukon and alaska. Bella Coola was one of the most beautiful places I visited. Having the mountains on both sides and driving down the hill was quite the experience. I've visited this blog regularly when planning my trip. I hope to go back one day to hike the rainbow range (there was still snow when I got there) and hunlen falls (the bridges were down). All that to say that I am a regular visitor (from Ottawa) to your blog. Please keep it up!