Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Uncharacteristically Low River

The month of November has been relatively dry.  The rain we have had has not been intense and sustained over multiple days.  Along with that the temperatures have stayed in the single digits and sometimes just freezing which has meant precipitation that we get comes as snow in the mountains and the glacial melt has 'tightened' up.  The result - the Bella Coola River is uncharacteristically low and quite clear, more like late winter conditions.  Of course it can change in a matter of hours if we get a big rain. Grizzly


  1. It's sad I know but I couldn't help checking how many times you have photographed the river from that spot in 2012 - it's 13 by the way. I guess it's from somewhere on your property.

    We live in Scotland but I've fished at Bella Coola around a dozen or more seasons in the past 21 years and I always try to figure out just where on the river your pics may be taken. Our last visit was during the Great Flood in 2010 - no fishing that year I'm afraid.

    We thoroughly enjoy all your posts and wallow in the nostalgia for all the wonderful times we've enjoyed in the Valley over the years.

    1. I was actually expecting someone to say, "can't you take a photo of the river from somewhere else for a change!", but thanks for your comment. The photo is looking upstream from the airport dike. I take it there because I can get there for a walk at lunch most days and if you are a real river watcher you can compare it to the other 13 photos from that site (Is that all there are this year?). Glad you enjoy the blog. Grizzly