Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Monday, October 8, 2012

Split Rock "aka Big Rock"

When we first came to the Bella Coola Valley almost 30 years ago now, this large rock in Tweedsmuir Park along Highway 20 was a popular rest stop and sight to see.  It was a large intact bolder - 15 feet high by 20 or more feet across.  Everyone liked the Big Rock.  Then one day, some 15 years ago or more there was rampant news that Big Rock had become "Split Rock"!  In a sad way it was true, true that the large rock precisely cracked into two new halves and forever more was renamed Split Rock.  Its still an impressive rock and a nice roadside place to stop.  It seems conceivable that one day many years ago it broke off from the adjacent mountain and came tumbling down and landed hard in its spot because the mountain behind it is very close.  I guess it's a good example of geological evolution.  Grizzly

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  1. A "Big Rock" is just a big rock, "Split Rock" has a story and a personality. Much better!