Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Saturday, September 24, 2011

2011 Morning Flood Update

From all accounts (anecdotal information!), it appears that the Bella Coola River peaked at 3 AM this morning. It rained fairly steady all night, but not torrential.  At this point we have been spared huge damage by much cooler temperature and a freezing level that is well down on the mountains - snow visible from 3500' and above, with the valley bottom temperature at 5 or 6 C as of 10:30 this morning.  It feels like a raw November day.  It is not clear the extent of water inundation into homes and buildings but there has been a number affected.  The snow accumulating is saving us in the short term but has significant negative potential for the next few days and weeks as it is early to get so much snow.  Check web cam at Anahim Lake and you will see full on winter conditions.  While the southern half of the province basks almost in a heat wave this bizarre cell of Pacific weather continues to gnaw away at the Central Coast of BC.  Environment Canada is forecasting a further 100 mm for us today and tonight and then finally this monster low pressure rain system will move.

Highway 20 is not driveable very far east of the Noosgulch River due to water crossing the highway in numerous spots.  I've heard it is lower in Hagensborg this morning.  The Environment Canada river guage for the Bella Coola River is showing peak flows below the 2010 flood at this stage still
To the gentlemen from Ireland who left a comment on last night's post - I feel for you and you deserve a medal for your dedication for trying to get to Bella Coola to fish.  We'll still be a fine place in the future to fish, so hold that thought and please try again!
 More later. Grizzly


  1. thank you for the updates! My husband and his buddies were stranded at the fisheries pool during the flood last year and as luck would have it, will have just gotten down "the hill" and set up camp again on Thursday! it is very helpful to be able to follow the situation via your blog. here's hoping all are safe! keep up the good work!