Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Monday, June 21, 2010

Medby Rock

One of the short, but nice hikes in the Bella Coola Valley is the Medby Rock trail.  This trail starts about 200 metres east of the Nusatsum River Bridge.  There is a slightly hard to read sign at the base of the East Nusatsum Forest Service Road.

 If you want the full hike enjoyment just leave your vehicle on the wide parking area next to Highway 20 and start the 1600' climb.  The first portion is on the Forest Service Road, then along an old side road for the next few hundred metres.  It comes to a beautiful clear mountain creek and then starts to basically head up the flank of Mt Nusatsum.  Over the next while it goes through advanced second growth forests and a bit of alder.  Finally it hits a nice stand of old growth Douglas-Fir, cedar and spruce.  After a couple of steeper pitches the trail comes out on a rock knob at 2000' which is the site of an old forestry fire lookout that was part of the era across the province of mountain top fire lookouts before the days of efficient helicopters.  It's a nice workout hike if you want to get a good heart rate and sweat going and then the view of the Bella Coola Valley to the west is rewarding.  Grizzly

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