Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Thursday, November 26, 2009

This Day in November 1985

This day of November 26, 1985 in regards to the Bella Coola Airport Environment Canada weather station records represents the recorded extreme low temperature in Bella Coola for the period of records (since 1983). If July 29, 2009 was the all time undisputed maximum temperature of 40.4 C then November 26, 1985 was the coldest recorded temperature. This day was the peak of an arctic outflow event that saw the minimum temperature in Bella Coola hit -24.4 C at 8 AM. It began on the night of November 16th when the temperature started dropping below zero at the Bella Coola Airport. The arctic outflow eventually ended on December 4 when the temperatures finally climbed above 0 C and the east wind subsided. While any readers who are continental dwellers would scoff at temperatures like this, keep in mind this is the damp coast and we had sustained arctic outflow winds of 40 km/h through out this event and many gusts well in excess.

Cold arctic air from this system prevailed over all of western Canada as well, and you will often see it referred to in the weather news as the November 1985 cold spell that set many records on the BC Coast and elsewhere.

More in January about the all time recorded extreme low temperature in Bella Coola. Grizzly

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  1. I remember that time very well. It lasted for almost 3 weeks, and was quite difficult to walk 3 small kids over a kilometer to the bus stop. The wind would take your breath away. Definately before the time of "snow days" and school closures!