Mt. Nusatsum

Mt. Nusatsum

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Flood Aftermath

It wasn’t the biggest flood Bella Coola Valley has seen, but certainly some problems have been created and some areas had higher water than others.  It rained most of the night, but luckily the freezing level came down to about 3000’ through the night and so at higher altitudes there was snow.  The Thorsen Creek bridge was saved, luckily the road contractor had an excavator move in and dealt with some logs that had become jammed and could have easily damaged the bridge.  Hagensborg is flooded from the Bay Hotel to the Legion, Saloomt Road was flooded in the normal low spot, Hammer road is washed out in two places, the forestry bridge on Noosgulch washed out the approach on one side and Nusatsum forestry road is washed out at 2 km.  There was fresh  snow on The Hill (Highway 20) today as well.


The rain was much slower most of the day and hopefully this storm has ended and now we can wait for the first big snow.

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